Industrial Gases

Wherever we operate, we provide stable supplies of Industrial gases in the most appropriate way

The steel and chemical industries—industries that constitute the backbone of Japanese industry—use huge volumes of oxygen and nitrogen to promote oxidation or as atmospheric gases. The metal machining sectors of the automobile, machinery and construction industries use oxygen, nitrogen, argon and acetylene for cutting, welding and heat treatment.

Through providing stable supplies of industrial gases, the Company is contributing to the improvement of quality and productivity in these industries. The fast-growing electronics industry also consumes huge quantities of nitrogen and argon as electronics material gases. Taiyo Nippon Sanso supplies required gases when needed to all industries around the world—in a way that best meets their needs.

Supplied in a variety of forms

Total Gas Center

For large-scale steel manufacturers or petrochemical plants, we construct on-site plants on customers' premises to supply large quantities of industrial gases over a pipeline. And for semiconductor and LCD manufacturing plants, a "Total Gas Center" is constructed on an adjacent site to supply large stable volumes of high-purity nitrogen gases and other gases.

Tank truck and liquefied gas storage tanks (CE)

Depending on the volume of use, we use tank trucks to deliver liquefied gases. Liquefied gases are first stored in a storage tank (CE), and according to use, they are fed to dedicated containers or cylinders for delivery to customers.

Transporting gas cylinders via truck

Cylinders are used to provide gases to construction and metal machining sites. At our gas filling facilities, we promote automation and resource conservation to promptly meet customer needs. At Taiyo Nippon Sanso, we maintain an efficient distribution network.

With our proprietary technologies, we are a vital partner to all industries

The industrial gases we offer are in wider use in numerous fields on the strength of gas technologies only Taiyo Nippon Sanso can provide.

As a vital partner to a host of industries, we supply all sorts of gases for use in a variety of areas. For example, liquid hydrogen is used as rocket propellant and hydrogen is used as a source of clean energy for motor vehicles—areas where technological innovation is rapidly advancing. We also support the food industry in such areas as the manufacture of frozen foods, a process that utilizes liquefied nitrogen and cryogenic energy of carbon dioxide, and the low-temperature delivery of foods.

Bolstering technological innovation with various gases

Liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen are used in propellants to launch rockets that carry communications, broadcast and meteorological satellites into space. Liquid helium and other gases are used in superconductivity applications. Oxygen and nitrogen are used in synthetic air and liquid helium in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to advance medical care.

H-Ⅱ B rocket
Courtesy of JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)

MRI apparatus

Cutting-edge technology built on experience
— Our original products are active in diverse areas.

Taiyo Nippon Sanso's oxygen burner (SUPER OFB) and other innovative glass- and metal-melting systems are very highly rated.

We also offer the SAN ARC series, a versatile high-quality shield gas, and the MG Shield, a new, eco-friendly magnesium alloy liquid anti-combustion gas.

SAN ARC series shield gas

Glass-melting pure oxygen burner

MG Shield magnesium alloy liquid anti-combustion gas supply system