Terms of Use

Terms of Use

This website is owned, operated and maintained by or for Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation or its affiliate companies ("TNSC"). Your use of this website ("TNSC Website") will be construed to mean that you have read, agree to, and consent to abide by the conditions of use and rules set forth below.

Copyrights, Trademarks, and other Intellectual Property Rights

All information contained in TNSC Website, including but not limited to trademarks and logos, are protected by the copyright laws, trademark laws, conventions, and other legislation of the relevant country. You may not reproduce, transmit, redistribute, modify, sell, publish, misappropriate, display, or otherwise use this information without the prior written consent of TNSC, with the exception of private and personal use within the limitations explicitly permitted by law.

Links between TNSC Website and other Websites

The third parties' websites (other than TNSC Website) linked to or from TNSC Website ("Linked Sites") are independently operated and maintained by such third parties and are not under the control and/or supervision of TNSC. Use of Linked Sites shall be subject to the terms and conditions stipulated by the operator of each Linked Site. TNSC would not be responsible for any loss or damage, howsoever caused, in connection with the use of any Linked Site and your access to any of Linked Sites shall be at your own risk. Nothing contained in TNSC Website shall be interpreted as a recommendation and/or endorsement by TNSC of the contents of Linked Sites and any products and/or services appearing on and/or provided through such Linked Sites. Nothing contained herein shall be deemed to constitute a partnership or the like between the operators of Linked Sites and TNSC.

Links to TNSC Website

If you wish to set up a link to TNSC Website, you must inform TNSC in advance. When setting up a link to TNSC Website, please ensure that it is to the top page, as the URL of other pages may change or the page may be removed without notice. Use of TNSC's trademarks or logos in Linked Sites is prohibited irrespective of purpose or period of use without the prior consent of TNSC. TNSC accepts no liability for the content of Linked Sites, or for any loss incurred from their use.

Setting up a link from the following websites is prohibited:

  • containing slander, defamation, threat, or invasion of privacy against TNSC or TNSC's officers and employees,
  • containing slander or defamation against TNSC's products or services,
  • containing information actually or likely to be contrary to applicable laws or regulations, or
  • containing information actually or likely to be contrary to public order or morality.

When TNSC considers Linked Site to be in conflict with this rule, the link from such Linked Site to TNSC Website shall be deleted immediately upon TNSC's request.

Ideas and Suggestions Received

TNSC does not accept or specifically invite from the public any original ideas or proposals (e.g., any ideas and/or concepts related to products, technologies, designs and marketing strategies including any memos, drawings, or related documents), via TNSC Website. In no event shall TNSC have obligation to treat such ideas or proposals as confidential information. In the event of TNSC adopting an idea or a proposal that is the same or similar (in whole or in part) to one sent via TNSC Website, TNSC is not liable for compensation or payment of any kind to the provider of the information.

Privacy Policy on TNSC Website

Please refer to the following links for Privacy Policy on TNSC Website.

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Prohibited Conduct

Please refrain from using TNSC Website for any of the following acts:

  • to slander, defame, threaten or invade the privacy of others,
  • to cause any damage or disadvantage to others,
  • to disturb public order or morality,
  • to engage in any criminal act,
  • to engage in any activities that are unlawful or prohibited by any applicable laws,
  • to upload files that contain viruses, corrupted files that may damage the operation of others' computers, or
  • to engage in any other activities that TNSC deems inappropriate.

Disclaimers of Warranties

All information contained in TNSC Website shall be the latest information at the date and time of its publication. TNSC reserves the right to change without notice all content of TNSC Website and details of the products and services therein, and to amend these Terms of Use without notice at any time. TNSC cannot guarantee to update and amend all information on TNSC Website at all times. Except to the extent prohibited by applicable laws, TNSC makes no representation and warranty, either express or implied, statutory or otherwise, including warranties or representations with respect to the accuracy, completeness, reliability, and/or safety of the contents of TNSC Website, and any representations and warranties relating thereto are expressly disclaimed. TNSC shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of your use of or accessing of TNSC Website.

Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

These Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan unless otherwise expressly provided. All controversies and disputes arising out of or relating to these Terms of Use shall be submitted to the Tokyo District Court in Tokyo, Japan as the Court of first instance.

Questions on Terms of Use

Any questions regarding these Terms of Use should be sent to: