Sustainability initiatives

As the Taiyo Nippon Sanso Group and a member of the Nippon Sanso Holdings Group, we are promoting initiatives in line with the eight non-financial programs established by Nippon Sanso Holdings.

List of Non-financial Programs

Non-financial programs Initiative
E Carbon Neutral ProgramⅠ
Carbon Neutral ProgramⅡ
Zero Waste Program
Sustainable Water Program
Reduce our group's GHG emissions
・Reduce customer GHG emissions through environmental product offerings and applications
・Reduction in waste emissions
・Effective use of water resources
S Safety First Program
Quality Reliability Program
Talent Diversity Program
・Reduction in lost-time injury rate, etc.
・Reduction in number of claims about products, offerings and applications
・Utilization of diverse talent
G Compliance Penetration Program ・Compliance education and enforcement

* For more information on the above, please visit the website of Nippon Sanso Holdings.

Specific Initiatives