Research Laboratories

Yamanashi Technology Solution Center

At the Yamanashi Technology Solution Center, we undertake research and development of essential technologies such as absorption and separation of gases, applied technologies such as oxygen combustion, welding and cutting of metals, additive manufacturing, heat treatment, and applications of nitrogen at low temperature, and material technologies such as carbon nanotubes.
We are also engaged in research and development into new industrial gas application technologies utilizing open innovation.

Tsukuba Laboratory

At the Tsukuba Laboratory, we are engaged in research and development in the fields of air separation technologies, stable isotope separation technologies, cryogenic technologies, superconducting technologies, and ultra-high-sensitivity gas analysis.
We are also engaged in cutting-edge research in fields such as electronics (MOCVD equipment, for example) and the development of new materials and processes.

SI Innovation Center

The SI Innovation Center concentrates on research and development of stable isotopes. The center develops and produces stable isotope related products, such as cell-free protein expression kits and stable isotope labeling tag reagents, and other applications.
Based on our proprietary technologies, the center focuses on further technological innovations, for example, participating in national research programs in cooperation with universities and research institutions.
* SI: Stable Isotope

Medical Technical Service Center

At the Medical Technical Service Center, we undertake research and development in the medical field based on our accumulated gas technology, perform repair and maintenance of related products, and promote more efficient distribution.
We also develop remote monitoring systems for in-home oxygen therapy, around-the-clock emergency delivery of medical gases, and provide travel support services.


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