Medical Care

We are also active in the medical sector, contributing to hospitals, home-based care, as well as advanced diagnosis and treatment.

We provide a stable supply of synthetic air and medical gases used at medical centers as well as oxygen supply units for home-based care, all subjected to thorough quality and safety control. We support medical establishments on a nationwide scale.

Taiyo Nippon Sanso's Medical-Related Businesses

We contribute to total support by providing a stable supply of high quality medical gases, developing and manufacturing a variety of equipment for home-based oxygen therapy, providing periodic inspection and remote monitoring systems for equipment, and supporting emergency delivery of medical gases. With our gas technologies, we also work in the field of biotechnology including the cryopreservation of research bio resources and the field of advanced diagnosis and treatment using stable isotopes (SIs) and specialty gases.

Stable Supply of Medical Gases

We have the highest number of production bases, filling plants, and distribution bases in Japan, allowing us to achieve consistent distribution across the country. We also have local filling stations, compliant with the Revised Japanese Pharmaceutical Law. We supply safe and high quality gases to our customers with thorough quality control and safety control of medical gases as pharmaceuticals.

Safe and Reliable Equipment

The OXYMED series is fully compliant with JIST7101. We pledge to provide a safe, reliable, and stable supply of medical gases in terms of equipment, including medical gas supply units focusing on safety with measures against near-miss incidents, a reserve switch unit that reliably supplies gases from the reserve side in the case of an emergency, and alarm monitoring systems developed from measures against near-miss incidents.

Total support for Home-Based Care

We develop a wide variety of equipment for home-based care for many patients treated at home, and their family members, across the country. Through our network of distributors, we provide detailed and consistent home-based care services, including sales and rental of equipment, periodic maintenance, inspection, and repair, travel support, and disaster recovery assistance.
We also continue to improve and manage maintenance centers including the Medical Technical Service Center to keep the various items of equipment in optimal condition.

Development and Manufacturing of Biotechnology Equipment

The cryopreservation containers for liquid nitrogen manufactured and sold by Taiyo Nippon Sanso are widely used in many fields including research and medical care. We also provide systems and equipment to meet customers' needs, such as liquid nitrogen cryopreservation systems and CryoLibrary.

Quality Management System

The Bio-Medical Division of Taiyo Nippon Sanso is certified according to ISO13485 and ISO9001, the international standards for quality management systems.

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