Message from the President

The Gas Professionals

President Kenji Nagata

Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation began operationson October 1, 2020. The company made the transition to a group management structure to pursue sustainable global growth and increase its corporate value as a global corporation basedin Japan. Under the umbrellaof Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation, TaiyoNippon Sanso is now responsible for all Japanese domestic business.
Taiyo Nippon Sanso will lead the sustainable global growth of Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation by specializing in domestic business operations, with an accurate understanding of Japanesemarkets and customer trends, as well as pursuing sustainable global growth by improving the speed and quality of decision-making and business operations.
We will implement new measures free from conventional concepts by utilizing our strong business foundation and technological capabilities gained throughout our more than 110 year history. We are committed to achieving sustainable and stable growth by strengthening our core businesses around industrial gases,and promoting efficiency and optimization. In addition, we will continue growingby fostering continued innovation in our gas businesses, providing solutions beyond the borders of the gas industry, and creating new business domains.
As "The Gas Professionals," we will continue to contribute to the growth of a wide range of industries and the resolution of social challenges by fully utilizing the potential of gases,starting with industrial gases.
Furthermore, Taiyo Nippon Sanso and all the other group companies in Japan are committed to fulfilling their responsibility to maintain a safe and secure supply of gases and other products to our customers,and improving the group’s corporate value.
Your continued understanding and support are sincerely appreciated.

Kenji Nagata