Stable Supply of Industrial Gases

We provide a stable supply of industrial gases using a variety of supply methods.

Taiyo Nippon Sanso provides a stable supply of industrial gases to our customers via our nationwide production-supply network.
We deliver gases using a variety of supply methods, including pipelines, tank trucks, and gas cylinders, according to the amount and intended use.

Supply of gases via pipelines (on-site plants)

For customers using a large amount of gases, such as large steel plants and petrochemical complexes, we install air separation units on the customer's premises or in adjacent areas, and supply gases via pipelines. For semiconductor and liquid-crystal manufacturing plants, we install a total gas center adjacent to the plant for a stable supply of various gases including high purity nitrogen gas.

Supply of liquefied gases via tank trucks

For customers using a medium amount of gases, we supply liquefied gases via tank trucks. The liquefied gases are stored in the CEs (liquefied gas storage tanks/Cold Evaporater) installed on the customer's premises.

Supply of gases via gas cylinders

For construction work sites and metal processing sites, we supply gases via gas cylinders. At our gas filling plants, we promote automation and labor-saving to accelerate our supply systems and build efficient distribution networks.

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