Applications of Industrial Gases

Applications of Industrial Gases

Our industrial gases and gas technologies developed with our unique technological capabilities, are used in a wide variety of sectors.
We provide strong support our customers' business activities and contribute to technological progress, industrial growth, and reduction of environmental load.

Materials Sector
(steel/nonferrous metal refining, glass, ceramics, cement, paper, other materials)

We provide technologies related to new materials and innovative manufacturing processes to the materials sector, which is the foundation of industry.

Steel and nonferrous metals

  • Electric furnace melting process
  • Heating furnace process
  • Surface treatment process

Glass and ceramics

  • Oxygen burner for glass melting
  • Melting furnace simulation
  • Spheroidization of ceramics

New materials

  • Functional particles

Fabrication Sector
(automobiles, construction machinery, bridges, construction, shipbuilding)

We provide technologies related to the assembly and processing of automobiles and construction machines as well as the manufacturing and processing of metals, ceramics, and functional materials, based on our optimization technology and gas control technology for shielding gases and atmosphere gases.

Heat treatment

  • Metal heat treatment atmosphere
  • Degreasing/firing atmosphere for sintered materials and functional materials
  • Atmosphere simulation
  • Design and sales of subzero treatment equipment


  • SANARC Series welding shielding gases


  • Fuel gas for gas cutting HL-1
  • Laser cutting assist gas

Life Science/Food/Agriculture Sector
(medical/pharmaceutical/biotechnology, food manufacturing/processing, agriculture/fishery/forestry)

We provide new products and technologies to the biotechnology sector (such as advanced medical research), pharmaceutical sector, food market, and the primary sector, based on the technology for using liquid nitrogen at -196℃.


  • Regenerative medicine and cellular research (cryopreservation technology)


  • Drug synthesis process (cryogenic reaction control system)
  • Drug formulation process (vacuum freeze dryer)
  • Research into the practical realization of next-generation chemical plants


  • New freezing technology (microwave dehydro-freezing systems)
  • Rapid freezing process (freezing equipment) (gas-liquid separator nozzle)
  • Granulation process (IQF)
  • Frost shattering process

Energy Sector
(secondary batteries, renewable energy, solar cells, new energy)

We provide solutions applicable to the conventional fossil energy sector, solar cell/power storage sector (essential for smart grids), and renewable energy sector (including fermentation and biotic resources).

Secondary batteries

  • Manufacturing and processing test for conductivity aids (nanocarbon materials)
  • Processing test for cathode materials (organic/oxide‐based materials)
  • Evaluation of battery characteristics

Renewable energy

  • Extraction of useful substances
  • Purification/recovery of useful gas components
  • Carbon dioxide recovery and recycling facilities

Process proposal

  • Gas purification/recovery
  • Bioprocess

Chemical Sector
(petrochemical/chemical industry (biorefinery), rubbers, plastics, other organic materials)

We provide products and technologies that contribute to improved productivity and safety, in particular in the chemical industry, such as material gases in processes, explosion protection and degradation prevention, and optimization of reactions through atmosphere control.

Atmosphere gases

  • Reaction atmosphere
  • Explosion protection with inert gas
  • Degradation prevention, quality control

Reaction materials

  • Oxygen enrichment
  • Carbon monoxide (carbonylation)
  • Carbon dioxide (photosynthesis, Grignard reaction)

Process proposal

  • Gas-liquid process
  • Bioprocess

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