LP Gas

Eco-friendly clean energy - we supply LP gas to a wide range of customers

LP gas, a clean source of energy that helps to preserve the environment, is a familiar presence in our daily lives where it is used not only in households but as an industrial gas as well. Since LP gas is easily supplied via storage tanks, it is attracting interest in industry as an alternative to heavy oil at factories.

It is also being used in numerous other areas, from vital air-conditioning systems for offices to home power generation systems and hot water systems utilizing discharged heat, and as a fuel in commercial vehicles such as taxis. Taiyo Nippon Sanso provides a full range of services from the design and installation of air-conditioning and cogeneration systems to their maintenance and after-sale servicing. Clean LP gas plays a vital role in our daily lives in, for example, kitchens, hot water systems, and air conditioners, and as an alternative to CFCs in sprays such as insecticides.

GHP (gas heat pump)

Interior unit of a gas
air conditioner


Automatic gas station for motor vehicles

LP gas filling dispensers

LP gas filing station

Automatic gas station for motor vehicles

Bulk storage tank