Research & Development

Making further advances in proprietary gas technologies, we are relentlessly raising the bar through our breakthroughs in R&D

Taiyo Nippon Sanso is fully committed to stretching the boundaries of gas technologies as we strive to be an greater service to a whole spectrum of industries. In addition to research in advanced fields based on the proprietary technologies we have accumulated over the yard we conduct research into the application of gasses in new fields contributing the the creation of new demands for gasses To propose total solutions that meet customers' needs from advanced to applied technologies we are continuing our uncompromising R&D at two research sites building on our wealth of knowledge and experience.

Pursuing cutting-edge and gas-application technologies at two laboratories

Tsukuba Laboratory

At our Tsukuba Laboratory, we engage in research and development focused on the analysis of ultra-high-sensitivity gases, the synthesis of stable isotope compounds, cryogenic separation, and isotope separation. We also engage in research in cutting-edge fields of electronics, such as MOCVD equipment

Gas analysis

Epi wafer of a blue light-emitting diode (LED)

superconducting motor 400kW-class Courtesy of IHI

Yamanashi Laboratory

Our Yamanashi Laboratory focuses on research in cryogenics, adsorption and other technologies related to air separation equipment, as well as research and development in fundamental technologies such as the safe physicality of gases, and new materials.

This laboratory includes the Gas Application Technology Center, which is engaged in research and development in new industrial gas application technologies that meet specific needs of customers.

Researching a welding technology using argon that is compatible with numerous metal materials

Testing oxygen-enriched combustion to enhance combustion efficiency

Applying gas technology to food freezing and other applications