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Taiyo Nippon Sanso Open Innovation

TNSC is acquiring value-added and differentiated products as a part of its open innovation strategy.


Targeted Segments

Additive Manufacturing Electronics Gas Technology Medical and Biotechnology Clean Technology

Our Alliance Companies

  • RASIRC, Inc. specializes in products that generate and deliver ultra high purity gases to semiconductor fabrication processes. RASIRC has innovated and released unique membrane gas purification delivery systems for over one decade, and has always been focusing on developing new innovative systems for emerging markets. Matheson Tri-Gas (TNSC subsidiary) acquired majority share of RASIRC in 2012. The partnership provides RASIRC with access to TNSC’s global reach, logistical expertise, and customer support network, while providing TNSC/Matheson with additional research and product development capabilities and new, innovative products and chemicals.
  • Pioneer Materials, Inc. is a supplier of materials for thin-film deposition by sputtering and evaporation. Pioneer Materials has developed critical expertise in compound formation, powder processing, and powder consolidation to develop new products for applications in photovoltaics, thermoelectrics, semiconductor, and optical applications. Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc. and Pioneer Materials have agreed to enter into a global exclusive distribution agreement for Pioneer Materials’ products. Together, Matheson Tri-Gas and Pioneer Materials will meet the emerging worldwide demand for critical materials used in energy harvesting applications.
  • SulfaTrap LLC, the venture company established at Colorado USA in 2012, has developed and commercialized desulfurization sorbents to remove a variety of sulfur compounds to extremely low levels from natural gas and other hydrocarbons. In the US, they have numerous track records of fuel cell grade desulfurization (ppm level) media and related equipment supply. TNSC invested in SulfaTrap in 2016 and is now promoting SulfaTrap’s products under Nanochem GuardBed brand. TNSC will create synergies between the industrial gas business and the sulfur sorbents business to offer new solutions in the industries with increasing demands for low sulfur energy.
  • Jilin OLED Material Inc., established in 2005, has made significant progress in the development of high-purity OLED materials and acquired several key customers in China. Jilin OLED has also incremented both production and R&D capabilities for upcoming OLED materials demand in China. In 2016 TNSC made an equity investment in Jilin OLED and the TNSC group started leveraging its sales network and corporate brand in the global electronics market to promote Jilin OLED’s products by bundling them with TNSC’s electronics products. TNSC and Jilin OLED collaborate in a quality enhancement program of Jilin OLED products by applying TNSC’s quality know-how cultivated in the electronics market.
  • Optomec Inc. is leading global supplier of production grade additive manufacturing (AM) systems for 3D Printed Metals and 3D Printed Electronics. For over two decades Optomec LENS 3D Printers have been used by industry to improve product performance and reduce cost for metal components. TNSC has invested in Optomec and acquired the distribution right of the products for the global market and will besides promoting Optomec LENS system to aerospace, automobile and machinery industry via its global sales channel, also create synergies with our industrial gases business.
  • Founded in 2012, Sintavia, LLC. is a leading Tier One additive manufacturer of complicated and high performance parts using metal 3D printing technology. Sintavia has a vertically aligned quality system—including multiple high-speed printers, analyzers, post processing equipment, and mechanical strength testing equipment—which allow the company to conform precision parts to rigorous quality standards. The company manufactures highly reliable products through optimized part design, material analysis, post-processing, and quality inspection, all optimized by its sophisticated metal additive manufacturing technology and capability. Also, Sintavia holds valuable certification of AS9100, Nadcap, ISO 17025, and ISO9001 and provides its products to a wide range of industries including aviation and aerospace industry. TNSC has entered into an equity partnership with Sintavia and will dedicate its gas technology development for additive manufacturing alongside Sintavia. TNSC will also offer the total solution for Additive Manufacturing by further challenging technology development with Sintavia.
  • YMC CO. LTD., headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, is dedicated to preparative liquid chromatography business. The company is engaged in a full value chain of the business, i.e. development, manufacturing and sales of products which are diversified in systems, columns, packing materials etc.. Pharmaceutical industry is the company’s main clientele. In June 2018, YMC and TNSC have signed a strategic business alliance agreement aiming to mutually expand the both companies’ respective core businesses. In this rapidly growing market, TNSC will make use of its group sales channel and on one hand, seek to expand the market for YMC’s products, while on another enhance new demand of gases. Bringing together both TNSC’s knowhow for equipment engineering and YMC’s purification technology for biopharmaceuticals, this partnership will provide a total solution to customers.
  • Ally Hi-Tech (ALLY) established in 2000 in Sichuan China, is the company handling hydrogen generator systems. ALLY was awarded for hydrogen projects from major enterprises and China national projects. On 2018 November, TNSC and ALLY signed agreements to formalize strategic partnership and expand its gas product portfolio. TNSC will leverage this partnership to secure sustainable revenue base in the key industry segments such as steel, chemical, glass.