Investor Relations (IR) / Long-Term Vision and Medium-Term Management Plan

I. Long-Term Vision

Achieve "sales of 1 trillion yen, an operating margin of 10%, a ROCE of 10% or above, and an overseas sales ratio of 50% or above" by FY2023.

Position the new medium-term plan as the first stage in the achievement of the long-term management vision, and develop a foundation and system for building a new revenue base.

II. Business Targets of the New Medium-Term Management Plan

Aim to achieve "sales of 600 billion yen, an operating margin of 7.5%, a ROCE of 8% or above, and an overseas sales ratio of 40% or above" in FY2017.

III. Structural Reform

Reduce 6-7 billion yen/year in fixed costs (compared to the FY ended March 2014)

IV. Innovation

  • ・Create the new businesses that will be the core of the next generation, by seizing opportunities of global energy shift such as natural gases and shale gas.
  • ・Accelerate the commercialization of new products into global market by aggressively taking innovations from open resources.

V. Globalization

Strategically input management resources in North America and emerging economies.

VI. M&A Strategy

Cultivate and penetrate global markets, including new countries, and accelerate business expansion.

VII. Investment Plan

Make a strategic investment of 200 billion yen in three, including M&As of operating companies, investment in venture businesses, large capital expenditure, investment in rationalization, etc.