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The Gas Professionals

President CEO Yujiro Ichihara

In line with our philosophy, “Market-driven collaborative innovation: Improving the future through gases,” we have worked consistently to contribute to the realization of a spiritually and materially wealthy society by capitalizing on our gas technologies to work in collaboration as a vital partner to companies in a host of industries, including steel, chemicals, electronics, automobile, construction, shipbuilding, food and healthcare.

Since our founding in 1910, we have grown together with Japan’s industrial sector. We subsequently expanded into overseas markets, beginning with the creation of a representative office in Singapore and a local subsidiary in the United States in 1980. Subsequent efforts focused on broadening our operations in the United States, as well as establishing a presence in China, Southeast Asia, India and other Asian markets. In 2015, we entered the Australian market. In 2018, we made a major acquisition of European businesses. Today, our global network encompasses 29 countries and territories.

We are grateful for the ongoing support of our stakeholders, without whom the sustained growth we have enjoyed to date would not have been possible.

To fulfill the responsibilities implied in our corporate slogan, “The Gas Professionals,” we remain committed to fulfilling our responsibility to maintain a safe and secure supply of gases to our customers around the world, as well as contributing to a society that enjoys both spiritual and material wealth by pursuing the development of innovative technologies. To this end, we will continue to listen to our customers and advance the development of new gas technologies.

President CEO
Yujiro Ichihara