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Disclosure Policy

To achieve sustained growth and raise medium- to long-term corporate value, Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation (TNSC) proactively engages in dialogue with shareholders and investors and strives to enhance investor relation (IR) activities by reporting and disclosing accurate management and financial information in a fair and timely manner.

  1. 1.Information Disclosure Policy

    TNSC discloses information under the standards stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange Securities Listing Regulations (hereinafter, Timely Disclosure Rules) and in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act Article 27-36 (hereinafter, Fair Disclosure Rules) for the disclosure of important information such as facts about decisions and occurrences or financial results information that will have an influence on shareholders’ and investors’ investment decisions.
    TNSC strives to actively disclose information if it judges the information to have a significant impact on the TNSC Group’s corporate value or necessary to deepen communication with stakeholders or the like, including information that is not applicable to the Timely Disclosure Rules or Fair Disclosure Rules.

  2. 2.Method of Information Disclosure

    Information applicable to the Timely Disclosure Rules is officially disclosed through methods provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (including TDnet, the Timely Disclosure network), followed promptly by the distribution of a news release and listing on the corporate website.
    Information not applicable to the Timely Disclosure Rules is disclosed in a timely, appropriate manner.

  3. 3.Role of Executive Management

    At the General Meeting of Shareholders, half-yearly result briefings, and smaller regularly held meetings, which are opportunities for dialogue with shareholders and investors, the President CEO and executive officers explain the Company’s performance and management strategies, and respond to questions.

  4. 4.Role of Department In Charge of IR and Initiatives to Enhance Dialogue

    The department in charge of IR collaborates with relevant divisions within the Company on overall IR activities and responds as the point of contact.
    Specifically, the IR Department proactively holds IR events such as individual interviews with analysts and institutional investors and company tours, participates in conferences held by securities companies, and disseminates the latest information on its website and integrated report to disclose financial and non-financial information of the Company.
    Furthermore, it reviews requests for dialogue with directors (including outside directors), taking into account the importance of the purpose and content of interviews.

  5. 5.Feedback to the Management Team

    The department in charge of IR feeds back shareholder and investor opinions and issues obtained through general IR activities to the management team and relevant divisions within the Company as necessary. These are useful for management improvements.

  6. 6.Management of Insider Information

    When interacting with shareholders and investors, the Company manages insider information in an appropriate manner that complies with internal regulations.

Enacted October 15, 2015
Revised October 11, 2018