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Initiatives to Ensure Safe and Stable Supplies

As “The Gas Professionals,” we work to provide safe and stable supplies of industrial gases to customers in a wide range of industries.

Strengthening Framework for Ensuring Safe and Stable Supplies

We deliver gases to customers in a broad range of industries using various modes of transport depending on the characteristics of the gases themselves and the needs of the customer. To ensure safe and stable supplies, we are stepping up efforts at all Taiyo Nippon Sanso Group production and supply facilities, as well as at the facilities of our official dealers (“partner companies”) and at our customers’ premises, to strengthen our capabilities at the production, supply and use stages. We are also working to enhance process safety at Taiyo Nippon Sanso Group sites in Japan and overseas, including in the United States and Europe. In Asia and Oceania, in particular, we are taking steps to correct unsafe processes identified through the implementation of voluntary safety reviews.

Ensuring Safe and Stable Supplies


Competition Using an Air Separation Unit Simulator to Improve Operators’ Technical Capabilities

The stable, efficient production of industrial gases depends on the outstanding technical skills of air separation unit operators. We stage an annual competition using an air separation unit simulator to showcase and further improve the skill levels of more than 300 operators from approximately 30 companies across Japan. Using the air separation unit simulator, which was developed for use in education and training and recreates the operating environment of an actual air separation unit, participants compete in areas requiring specialized skills, including time required to reduce gas oxygen volume and time required to collect and increase liquid oxygen volume using liquid nitrogen injection. Winners of local qualifying rounds take part in the final, which is held at our head office in Tokyo. Through initiatives such as this, we continue working to improve core technological capabilities across the entire Taiyo Nippon Sanso Group.

Eight employees made it to the final of the fifth annual competition in March 2019

Eight employees made it to the final of the fifth annual competition in March 2019.