Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Environmental and Social Report 2015

Topic for Fiscal Year 2016, Ended March 31, 2016

“Launching next-generation new businesses in the medical field”

CryoLibrary iMaster: Integrated management system for biological specimen temperature data

Regenerative medicine holds promise for the treatment of intractable diseases and injuries that cannot be treated with conventional therapies. However, commercial viability depends on the development of technologies for the highly efficient cryopreservation and transport of large volumes of cultured cells and, from the perspective of cell quality control, on ensuring accurate records of environmental information for each specimen. As a participant in a project to develop cell manufacturing and processing systems to support the industrialization of regenerative medicine being implemented by the Stem Cell Evaluation Technology Research Association-under the management of the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development-we recently developed CryoLibrary iMaster, an integrated management system for specimen temperature data. This server-based system, which was launched in June 2016, centralizes specimen temperature data across multiple processes, from cultivation through to thawing, thereby facilitating the integrated management thereof. Use of CryoLibrary iMaster thus facilitates accurate records of environmental conditions not only during transport from one location to another, but also during cryopreservation, thawing and movement within a facility.

Leveraging our position as Japan’s only manufacturer of cryopreservation containers, we previously developed CryoLibrary, a fully automated cryopreservation with an auto-pick-up function that ensures secure management and prevents incorrect vial selection. In March 2015, we released CryoLibrary Advance, which enables highly efficient, large-volume cryopreservation. Looking ahead, we will continue working to develop technologies to support the industrialization of regenerative medicine.

CryoLibrary iMaster