Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Environmental and Social Report 2013

Contributing to local communities in the Philippines

Taiyo Nippon Sanso Group companies overseas engage in social contribution activities tailored to local needs. In the Philippines, subsidiaries Ingasco, Inc., and Taiyo Nippon Sanso Philippines, Inc., have distributed foodstuffs, standard household medicines and nutritional supplements free of charge to residents of local communities since 2006. In fiscal 2013, the two companies offered these outreach services in communities in the vicinity of two production facilities. The companies have also promoted a variety of public health initiatives, including free pediatric examinations and seminars aimed at fighting infectious diseases, and remain committed to supporting their local communities.




Relations with Customers

Securing certification under ISO 9001

In line with our commitment to providing products and services that customers can use safely and securely, we have established a quality management system based on ISO 9001, the International Organization for Standardization's family of standards for such systems.

All departments involved in production have acquired certification under ISO 9001, as have sales and logistics sections handling liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon and specialty gases. Departments involved in the production and installation of semiconductor fabrication equipment, the production of medical gases and medical gas supply systems and all areas of the helium gas and hydrogen gas businesses are also certified.

The acquisition of certification under ISO 9001 by sales and logistics departments reflects our commitment to creating an integrated quality management system that enables us to respond to customers' needs, ensure compliance and provide stable supplies. Looking ahead, we will continue to enhance our quality management system with the aim of steadily increasing customer satisfaction and our credibility.

Certification under ISO 9001 (Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation)


Date of Certification

On-Site & Plant Division

December 1995

Biomedical Department (Medical Division)

February 2007

Logistics Coordination Department (Business Administration Division)

March 2007

Electronics Division

March 2007

Industrial Gases Division

September 2008

Relations with Suppliers and with Shareholders and Investors

Maintaining fairness and impartiality in selecting suppliers

Across the Taiyo Nippon Sanso Group, procedures for choosing suppliers of raw materials and engineering services are based on the principles of fairness and impartiality, thus ensuring equal opportunities for all parties irrespective of country of origin, size or track record. As active advocates of green procurement and CSR procurement, we regard concern for the environment and compliance with relevant laws and regulations as essential to our operations and require that our suppliers do the same. Accordingly, these two considerations are the principal standards we use to evaluate applicants.

Ensuring fair returns to shareholders

We continue to take the necessary steps to achieve sustainable growth in corporate value and provide shareholders with a fair return on their investments. We recognize that achieving high growth demands ongoing strategic investments. With the aim of maintaining our dividend payout ratio above 25%, we will continue to calculate dividends based on an overall assessment of consolidated operating results and future investment plans, thereby ensuring returns to shareholders are fair.

Relations with Employees

Fair and impartial hiring

We have eliminated such potentially discriminatory factors as gender and age from our hiring practices. Our human resources system is based on three key concepts: putting the right person in the right place, ensuring fair evaluation and training, and providing results-based compensation.

Evaluating employee performance and determining compensation

We have developed job-/role-specific criteria for evaluating the performance of and determining compensation for employees. Prioritizing a fixed cycle of actions (fulfill expectations/exercise capabilities → evaluate performance/determine compensation → provide feedback → foster human resources) and repeating this process both ensures fairness and impartiality and enhances job satisfaction.

Relations with Local Communities and Society

Participating in and providing equipment for community disaster drills


In many of the communities in which we operate, local authorities and disaster prevention centers stage disaster drills designed to ensure preparedness in the event of an accident involving high-pressure gases. As a producer of high-pressure gases, we participate in such initiatives, thereby further increasing our own awareness of response procedures. We also cooperate by providing equipment for use in community drills, testing equipment and conducting drills, and dispatching individuals to serve as instructors.