Ensuring a Safe and Stable Supply of Industrial Gases

As “The Gas Professionals,” we have a responsibility to ensure a safe and stable supply of products to customers in diverse industrial fields. To accommodate the increasing diversity of applications for industrial gases, we are working to further reinforce our product safety assurance and quality control capabilities.

Taiyo Nippon Sanso’s Gas Supply Structure

Strengthening Efforts Across Our Supply Structure to Ensure a Safe and Stable Supply

We use various modes of transport to deliver gases to customers in a broad range of industries, depending on the characteristics of the gases themselves and the particular needs of the customer. To ensure a safe, stable supply, we are stepping up efforts at all Taiyo Nippon Sanso Group production and supply facilities—as well as at the facilities of official dealers (“partner companies”) and at our customers’ premises—to strengthen capabilities at the production and supply stages and when products are used.

Group companies also continue working with our partner companies and customers to address this challenge. These efforts focus on three concepts: Ensuring the meticulous maintenance of facilities and equipment; promoting the safety and security of operations; and raising awareness of safety-related issues.