Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / A Message from the President

As “The Gas Professionals,” we will continue to capitalize on gas technologies to address global challenges.

Enhancing responsiveness to market change with a new management team

We continued to operate in a harsh environment in fiscal year 2012, the year ended March 31, 2012, owing to a variety of factors, including the global economic slowdown triggered by the European sovereign debt crisis, the unprecedented appreciation of the yen and growing concerns regarding Japan’s electric power supply. Faced with such conditions, we resolved to withdraw from a domestic specialty gas joint venture, which began production in September 2011, effective September 30, 2012. As a result, we reported significant extraordinary losses in the second quarter of fiscal year 2013. Recognizing the need to clarify management responsibility regarding this matter—as well as to ensure our ability to move quickly and accurately to further strengthen our domestic operating foundation and grow our promising overseas businesses—effective October 1, 2012, I took the reins as president as part of a new management team.

Going forward, the Taiyo Nippon Sanso Group will marshal its capabilities to respond flexibly, swiftly and accurately to challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing operating environment with the aim of driving the Group forward to new growth.


Shinji Tanabe


Evolving as a company that leverages gas technologies to address crucial challenges

We recognize that we have an obligation to ensure stringent compliance with pertinent laws and regulations and to fulfill the responsibilities implied in our corporate slogan, “The Gas Professionals,” namely, to prioritize the management of key technological risks, i.e., risks related to security, product quality and safety, the environment and intellectual property. Accordingly, we have formulated the President’s Basic Policy on Technological Risk Management.

We will continue to take steps to minimize such risks and to enhance customer satisfaction across all areas of our operations. These include ensuring the President’s Basic Policy on Technological Risk Management is fully understood and applied by every Taiyo Nippon Sanso Group employee, as well as formulating and implementing a Groupwide technological risk management system and developing an effective business continuity plan (BCP) to guarantee critical operations are maintained in the event of a disruption caused by an earthquake or other major disaster. At the same time, we will work to contribute to greater public safety and environmental preservation, thereby earning the trust of society at large, to ensure the sound growth of our businesses and build greater corporate value.

The President’s Basic Policy on Technological Risk Management

Security: Implement decisive, practical measures to ensure the safety of our operations, in line with our belief that selling gas is commensurate with selling safety and peace of mind.
Product quality: Accurately grasp the increasingly sophisticated and diverse customer needs and social imperatives and respond by ensuring optimum product quality.
Product safety: Minimize safety risks at all stages of the product life cycle to ensure the safety and security of the products we supply.
Environment: Take steps to reduce the negative impact of our operations on the global environment and prevent pollution.
Intellectual property: Obtain and make use of intellectual property rights as necessary to preclude competition with other companies.

We will continue to step up the practical application of our corporate philosophy—“Market-driven, collaborative innovation: improving the future through gases”—with the aim of addressing crucial challenges facing society today in such areas as the environment, resources and energy, and healthcare. The management and staff of the Taiyo Nippon Sanso Group pledge to work as one to earn the trust of our customers worldwide and of society at large. In these and all our efforts we look forward to continuing to earn the support of stakeholders. It is our hope that this report on environmental and social initiatives undertaken as part of the Taiyo Nippon Sanso Group’s corporate responsibility program will prove both informative and entertaining.

Corporate Philosophy "Market-driven collaborative innovation:improving the future through gases"
Corporate Guidelines Progressive United in creativity Forward looking

We pledge to listen to the views of stakeholders and to contribute—through both our gas technologies and collaboration with partners in all industries—to the creation of a spiritually and materially wealthy society.

Corporate Slogan The Gas Professionals

Striving tirelessly to fulfill our potential as industrial gas professionals and as the global leader in this field in terms of both market position and expertise

Corporate Logo
TAIYO NIPPON SANSO The Gas Professionals

Taiyo Nippon Sanso’s corporate logo represents the seamless integration of state-of-the-art technology and nature, as well as the Company’s business domain, founded on its advanced technologies for controlling oxygen, nitrogen, argon and other gases. The logo also evokes the Company’s resolve to achieve growth through superior quality and transparency and to ensure a future that is clean, safe and healthy.