Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Relations with Employees

Educating and Training the Gas Professionals

We believe that companies can provide a place for employees to gain experience, education and training that increases knowledge and develops skills, and a framework that allows personnel to grow through varied work experiences. Guided by this belief, in fiscal year 2008 we began to build a new educational system comprising programs classified by type, i.e., hierarchical, technological, selective, thematic or division-specific.

Regardless of the positions to which they have been assigned, new graduates hired are given basic education for new employees, as well as training on the front lines of manufacturing and sales, thereby ensuring they acquire the expertise and experience demanded of all Taiyo Nippon Sanso employees. Training classified as hierarchical, which is designed to impart crucial knowledge and professional skills, encompasses programs in logical communication, presentation skills, finance, strategy and marketing, which can be taken in the first five years of employment.

Given the rapid globalization of the industrial gases business, we recognize the need to secure employees who are able to function in both the domestic and international arenas. Accordingly, we have reinforced training programs aimed at cultivating relevant skills.

Fair and Impartial Hiring

We have eliminated such potentially discriminatory factors as gender and age from our hiring practices. Our human resources system is based on three key concepts: putting the right person in the right place, ensuring fair evaluation and training, and providing results-based compensation.

Evaluating the Performance of and Determining Compensation for Employees

We have developed job-/role-specific standards for evaluating the performance of and determining compensation for employees. Prioritizing a fixed cycle of actions (fulfill expectations/exercise capabilities → evaluate performance/determine compensation → provide feedback → foster human resources) and repeating this process both ensures fairness and impartiality and enhances job satisfaction.

Promoting the Employment of Individuals with Disabilities

We maintain a page on our recruiting website with information on opportunities for individuals with disabilities with the aim of further opening the door to employment at our offices across Japan. We also participate regularly in mass interviews sponsored by the government's Employment Service Center to provide information on employment opportunities to a broader audience. Such efforts have led to the hiring of individuals to fill positions in a wide range of areas, including general affairs, administration, accounting, sales, distribution, technological and manufacturing administration, R&D and engineering.