Industrial Gases / Hydrogen Project

Courtesy of Toho Gas Co., Ltd.

JHFC stands for Japan Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Demonstration Project, which is being promoted by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

We are committed to the delivery of clean energy with our involvement in the hydrogen project

In the 21st century, one of the most pressing social issues facing us is how to live in harmony with the environment.

Since the issue of preserving the environment cannot be addressed by any one country because it is an issue that transcends cultural and national boundaries, it must be tackled on a global scale.

Hydrogen gas has been the focus of attention in recent years as the ultimate source of energy with minimal impact on the environment. We have already made significant progress in our quest to develop gas technologies that can bring about the hydrogen energy-based society that we need.

Making hydrogen stations—hydrogen filling systems for fuel cells—practical

We are involved in the Hydrogen Project, a Japanese national government initiative aimed at promoting the use of hydrogen-fueled vehicles. Vehicles powered by fuel cells that use hydrogen energy instead of gasoline are already running on the roads, and hydrogen stations where fuel cells are refueled are in operation at many locations. Taiyo Nippon Sanso was the first company in Japan to achieve the highest filling pressure of 70 MPa, a filling speed of 5 kg of hydrogen per 3 minutes, and hydrogen cooling as low as -40°C. We have also developed mobile hydrogen stations in addition to stationary stations. By extending the areas where hydrogen filling is available, we are able to satisfy a more diverse range of needs.

Stationary hydrogen station
(Senju, Tokyo)

Stationary hydrogen station
(Chubu International Airport Island)

Hydrogen dispenser

Mobile hydrogen station